Stylish Scandinavian futons

Founded in 1972 in Denmark, Karup creates and manufactures functional futon chairs and futon sofa beds, ideal for your first home or your holiday home. Stylish Scandinavian design, affordable prices, and excellent quality define our brand.

By adding a touch of intuitive magic to every piece of multifunctional furniture we design, we ensure that when you buy one product – you most often get two.
Or even three.

Intuitive, space-saving and affordable handmade futons.

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Multiple colors from $499


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Karup Buckle-up handmade futon chair - buy online


Multiple colors from $399

Handmade futons since 1972


Karup Design is a combination of minimalistic Scandinavian design and Japanese futon essence in a core, mainly space saving futon furniture for small, unconventional living spaces.

A piece of furniture with personality – funky, unique, colorful and at the same flexible and reliable, outstanding combination of good design and high quality.

All products are made with love, solid wood frames from Scandinavian forests and exceptionally handmade futons that always have high-quality fillings. Always. Karup knows that it is the filling that determines the durability and level of comfort of futon furniture, and that is why it never compromises.



One sofa bed, one bed and two ‘storage & more’-products.


Four magical products have been added to the Karup Design collection.


Karup Design is all about living. About making room for more. In less space.

This is WABI

Tatami . Room . Divider

Wabi is a room divider with a touch of Japan. The surface of Wabi is made from tatami rice straws which add an authentic touch of Japan to the room in which you place it.